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11 Great Dog Beaches

11 Great Dog Beaches
Whether your pup wants to ride the waves or lounge in the sand, there’s a Golden State beach calling

Few places in the U.S. are as dog-friendly as California. With its comfortable climate, open spaces, and welcoming cities, the Golden State is an earthly pup paradise, and chief among its charms are the 840 miles of Pacific coastline. From San Diego to the North Coast, many Cali beaches are open to dogs ready to fly through the sand and romp in the waves with joyful abandon. If you’re exploring California with a furry companion, don’t miss these eight dog-friendly beaches, listed south to north. 

Dog Beach, San Diego

Dog-friendly coastline doesn't come much better than this Ocean Beach landmark, which has been hosting pups and their humans for more than 40 years. Today, the wide swath of sand on the point where the San Diego River meets the Pacific is perpetually packed with pooches sprinting through the shallows and lounging in the sun. Come early to find parking, then make a day of it: From the beach, it’s an easy walk to the OB Pier, Dog Beach Dog Wash, and Newport Avenue breweries like Helm’sCulture, and Belching Beaver, where the beers are cold and canines are welcome. 

Dog Beach, Del Mar

Del Mar’s North Beach has all the characteristics of a pup playground: ample beachfront, shallow sandbars, and prime real estate protected from high winds and heavy waves. The gentle waters serve as a splash zone for kids and dogs, who are permitted year-round but must stay on-leash June 16 to Labour Day. For canines who shred, the Helen Woodward Animal Centre hosts the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon every fall along with surf and stand-up paddle board lessons throughout the summer. Sign up your mutt online, then chase the class with a two-hander sandwich on the dog-friendly patio at Board & Brew.

Dog Beach, Huntington Beach

Most of Huntington Beach’s sunny SoCal coastline is off limits to canines, but this 1.5-mile stretch between Goldenwest and Seapoint streets is dedicated to the dogs. With a flat expanse of sand and plenty of room to spread out, pups are able to play as they please and socialize as much, or as little, as they want. Corgi owners should check the calendar for So-Cal Corgi Nation meet-up days, and everyone will enjoy watching dogs ride the waves during the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition.

Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach

Rosie’s, L.A. County’s only true dog beach, is a four-acre romp fest where pups weave through the waves and bask on the sand sans leash. Also popular with families for its calm waters and accessible location, this Long Beach destination fills up on sunny weekends when parking can be at a premium. Bring quarters for the parking meters, a towel for your mutt, and an appetite to satisfy at dog-friendly Plunge, where breakfast burritos await just a quick ride down the beach.

Surfers’ Point at Seaside Park, Ventura

Less about basking in the sun than watching riders glide along the waves, this beach north of the Ventura Pier is a favourite locale for on-leash dog-walkers who cruise along the promenade enjoying the show off-shore. When you’re in need of post-stroll refreshment, a half-mile away, Barrelhouse 101 takes its name from the 101 brews on tap. Take a seat on the enclosed patio where pups are warmly welcomed, then enjoy a tasting flight or beer shake alongside hefty portions of pub grub. 

Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Barbara

Known locally as Hendry’s Beach, this slice of silica 10 minutes west of downtown Santa Barbara boasts more than the requisite sand, sun, and surf. Rather, bluff-backed Arroyo Burro features on- and off-leash areas for shy types and extrovert animals alike, rocky tide pools ripe for exploring, and a self-serve dog wash, so you don’t have to put a filthy pooch back in your car. If your tail-wagging companion would benefit from a little extra exercise, the Douglas Family Preserve just atop the cliffs offers 70 acres of dog-friendly open space also popular with hikers, cyclists, and hang gliders.

Carmel Beach, Carmel-By-The Sea

What kind of town welcomes dogs on its premiere coastal real estate? Carmel-By-The-Sea, where canines can sprint and splash under voice command along Carmel Beach. Pups and their people share the turquoise waters with surfers, swimmers, and sunset watchers, who flood the beach at dusk to bid the day adieu with bottles of wine and picnic baskets. When you’re not playing in the Pacific, stroll along the bluffs on the Scenic Path or venture into the village, where dogs strut the quaint streets and are welcome guests at many shops, restaurants and hotels. Hit Cottage of Sweets for some special biscuits. He’s been a very good boy. 

Fort Funston, San Francisco

For San Francisco travellers with dogs, Fort Funston is a mecca of off-leash fun. Here, pups sprint across the peninsula’s largest dune field before tearing down steep trails toward a wide Pacific beach backed by 200-foot bluffs. Dog or no dog, this decommissioned defense installation is an impressive place for a walk (not to mention a stellar hang gliding destination). The waves are too cold and rough for serious swimming, but the shore is usually full of gleeful animals splashing through the water, kicking up sand, and generally preparing for the inevitable bath.

Rodeo Beach, Sausalito

Nestled in a cove across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, this petite pebble beach in Sausalito feels like a gift with its plentiful free parking, picnic spots, off-leash dog policy, and dramatic landscape bounded by a lagoon to the rear and cliffs on either side. Start with a leg-burning uphill hike rewarded by panoramic views of the Marin Headlands and San Francisco Bay, then kick back on the beach while your furry friend splashes in the shallows and wet-suited surfers balance on the waves. Keep a look out for dolphins and also keep an eye on your snacks: The seagulls here are skillful thieves.

Kiva Beach, Lake Tahoe

Located on National Forest land a quick woodsy walk from the visitor’s centre, Kiva is an idyllic snapshot of Tahoe’s charms with crystal clear water, abundant sand, and mighty mountains rising in the background. It’s also one of the lake’s few dog-friendly beaches. While the shore and water are on-leash only (and rangers occasionally enforce the rules), you’ll find plenty of pups cooling off in the shallows or lounging on land. When it’s time to call it a day, pay a mandatory visit to the Camp Richardson Ice Cream Parlor, where the scoopers are exceedingly generous.  

Moonstone Beach, Trinidad

What California’s North Coast lacks in sun-soaked shores dotted with bikinis, it makes up for in gorgeous terrain built for adventure. Take Humboldt County’s Moonstone Beach, a pocket of sand at the mouth of the Little River where rock climbers scramble up cliffs, kids explore sea caves, surfers dance along steady waves, and dogs gallop the waterline under voice command. Dig for a dinner of razor clams by the river, then watch as the sun sets over the ocean and marvel at California’s unrelenting beauty.

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Famous for its plunging waterfalls and massive granite faces, this unparalleled parkland, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984, attracts 4 million...

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High Sierra peaks, deep drifts on a Mammoth volcano, family friendly resorts, snowy escapes on the edge of Yosemite and more - California has enough alpine destinations to keep any skier or...

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California is blessed to have the most designated National Parks in the United States.
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Snowy winters, wildflower summers

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Lava, geysers & naturally heated hot springs

From the snow capped heights of Mount Shasta in California’s far north to Amboy Crater in the Mojave Desert, signs of California’s volcanic past, and present, dot the landscape. Explore these...

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It [Pinnacles] represents what nature often does, all the great conflicts and tensions are there, of volcanic activity and fault lines, and the sort of geology of it is just spectacular to see on display.
Ken Burns
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Get ready to look up—way, way up. California has the biggest, tallest trees on the planet. Discover them at outstanding parks and preserves dotting the state. Coast redwoods, some...

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Vast landscapes, spectacular desert vistas

Both vast and intimate, the California desert is a region that ranges from arid, barren expanses to oasis-like canyons with hidden waterfalls. Towering sand dunes rise above the desert floor,...

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Joshua Tree National Park by Alex Farnum
There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.
Edward Abbey
Gold Rush history, epic high-country landscapes, hidden wine country, and charming country towns

Granite monoliths, waterfalls, alpine meadows—it’s no secret that Yosemite delivery some seriously big wow moments. But what is a secret is the bounty of awesome things you can see and do on your...

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Fly fishing

Cast a fly in blue-ribbon waters

Between the volcanic summits of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen flow some of California’s most celebrated fly fishing rivers. Blue-ribbon waters lace...

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While you might think of a city park as an appealing splash of green amidst the concrete jungle, California’s urban parks stand out as cultural hubs, with outstanding and...

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California State Capitol

Get into the chequered-flag spirit at this big and loud NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event. Cheer for your favourite drivers as they zoom for the front in this five-wide race event. The action kicks...

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Yoga meets alpine wow at this om-filled, 4-day event. Daytimes are filled with workshops and workouts lead by eminent yoga instructors, all taking place in indoor and outdoor settings that...

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Kodiak Greenwood


11 Great Dog Beaches vca_maps_highsierra
See thundering cascades trimmed with mist rainbows or even 'fire'

Among Yosemite’s many bragging rights, its waterfalls rank high. In the list of the world’s 20 tallest...

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Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the continental U.S., at 3.3 million acres.
11 Great Dog Beaches VCW_D_CC_T2__BigSur_VCLCC_BigSur_PfeifferBeach_.jpg_KG-dark-1280x642
Kodiak Greenwood

Spotlight: Big Sur

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Art and nature merge on this rugged coast, one of California’s most spectacular settings

Welcome to one of the world’s most unforgettable stretches of coastline. This roughly 90-mile-long stretch of redwood- and fog-trimmed waterfront...


With a nickname like ‘Surf City, USA’, Huntington Beach is the obvious place for this 9-day, sun-and-wave extravaganza, the world’s largest surf event. Top pros including Kelly Slater and Rob...

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Family Snow Adventures

From riding snow-machines to old-fashioned snowman-building, here’s where to find kid-friendly adventures off the slopes

Taking your family to the mountains this winter? Whether your crew is full of avid skiers or contented snowman-makers, the California snow offers...

There are tons of reasons why you might plan a winter trip to Big Bear. Here are some you might not have thought of

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Big Bear Lake in Winter
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Find whitewater rafting fun for all—from newbies to nerves-of-steel experts

Think of a river, and chances are you’ve got your own daydream. Maybe you want to float on inner tubes, or maybe your style is to careen through raucous rapids in an eight-person inflatable raft....

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Stop to smell the roses—and see orchids, poppies, and weird cacti—at these horticultural hot spots

Whether you’re an amateur botanist, a backyard gardener, or even just a curious kid, you should beeline to California’s incredibly diverse botanic gardens. These protected oases are often peaceful...

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Foto Voyager/Getty Images
Go subterranean at hipster bars, crystal caves, and gold mines

Say “down under” and you might think you’re bound for Australia, but not so fast—or far. California has a wacky-cool mix of ways to get down—way down. At Shasta Lake in the state’s northeast...

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How to Explore the Channel Islands

Spend a day—or a week—in this idyllic national park off the Central Coast

This chain of five islands—Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, and San Miguel—is rich with untouched natural beauty and a California...

11 Great Dog Beaches VC_8GreatCaliforniaDogBeaches_Rosies_PascalShirley_C0A0231_1280x640
Pascal Shirley

11 Great Dog Beaches

Whether your pup wants to ride the waves or lounge in the sand, there’s a Golden State beach calling

Few places in the U.S. are as dog-friendly as California. With its comfortable climate, open spaces, and welcoming cities, the Golden State is an...

With their own history, wildlife, and amusement park, piers sit at the intersection of natural beauty and Golden State culture

Stunning scenery, cool playgrounds, and fascinating history—not to mention endless sunset selfie possibilities. Stroll along a ...

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Jon Bilous/Alamy
11 Great Dog Beaches VC_LonePine_ST_RF_722224619_1280x640
Room/Getty Images

Lone Pine

Discover the natural beauty and another side of California in a historic Owens Valley small town

Head to Lone Pine to see a different side of California—one that is less connected...

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Experience the majesty of California’s great outdoors with these exhilarating vacation ideas

Adventure-filled vacations provided the building blocks for the royal romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While he lived in England...